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M A Butcher (2014)


     Long time Brooklyn resident M A Butcher was first published in the 80's and then by the American Poetry Association. Yamoo Publishers' first edition of "BEFORE THE DIVORCE READ THIS!" printed in 1984 was his first book of poems. In 1999 it was approved by New York City's Board of Education for use as a textbook for grades 6 to 12 along with his second book entitled "Positive Messages for young men growing up without their fathers". This book is now being promoted as a "DONATION" gift to be given under the heading 'BOOKS BLESSING BROTHERS BEHIND BARS'
     In collaboration, Mr. Butcher has co-authored a screenplay titled "richboy/Homeboy" and also worked on the developement of the stage play "Phillis, a slave to poetry".
     As an invited guest speaker, M. A. Butcher has addressed audiences of students, teachers and parents in schools throughout New York City.  He has been interviewed on The Open Forum, WCBS News 88 and National Public Radio. He was featured in the City Section of the Sunday New York Times in April '95 and in the City Beat of the New York Daily News in March '97; has also appeared on CBS EYE ON PEOPLE, NY 1 News, WCBS Ch. 2 News, and was a guest on The Rolanda Television program.
     2004 was the 20th. year anniversary of the first printing of his book of  poems and "AFTER THE HEARTBREAK JUST LISTEN (a reading...*)" his first audio CD's release year. This CD has become the foundation of The Original Heartbreak Vaccine Kit.
     In 2008 Mr. Butcher began working on a new book entitled ADVANCED BIBLE LESSONS ..., and in 2014 produced two (2) half-hour television programs for Brooklyn Free Speech Community Access TV: based on the book and the continuing work. His program "Skating for Health" was aired in January 2016, and has been re-run. His second program about skating was nominated for a 'social impact award' at the 2017 B Free Awards.
Mr. Butcher was also featured in a NY Times print and electronic article about skating. (see link below)

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China Post (1984)

April, 1995
What Comes After Forgiving
     What comes after forgiving is not
     so easily said, and even harder to do.
     It is a renewed willingness to give
     freely after you say, "I forgive you."
     Now "But" is the unsaid word,
     the word which is seldom found.
     "I just can't forget" is the thought,
     the grudge that is dragged around.
     Yet I, as well as you, know
     that "can't" can never be.
     Your "can't" is simply an excuse
     for you not to forgive me.

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