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Heartbreak Vaccine Seminars

Heartbreak Vaccine Seminars
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We're trying to make
"A Better World" now with words
using seminars

Why the need for
   >     Has home ever felt like a war zone?
   >     Have you ever been in love alone?
   >     Remember needing your friend and being left by yourself?
   >     Is someone you love getting married?
   >     What should you do when you've misplaced your trust?
   >     How many lies does it take to break your heart?
   >     Want to know the links between heartbreak and sex?
     >   Get some answers about "Wounded Love..."
Learn the In's and Out's of  Heartbreak.
Bring The Heartbreak Vaccine Seminars to your Campus, Organization or Business.*
Based on twenty-five years of research, practical application and
"THE HEARTBREAK VACCINE KIT" the seminars are designed to encourage emotional maturity and self-love responsibility. Conducted by poet M. A. Butcher
vaccine kits available at seminars
Contact Yamoo Publishers: 718-282-7543
*Private Seminars Available ( You, family and friends )


"Poetry at its Finest"
Gifts to make Life better.
Art that 'Teaches' now
and 'Forever'.

We're trying to make
"A Better World" now with words
one Poem at a time

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 a Blessing

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